The SAS Survival Handbook

The SAS Survival Handbook

Essentially the reason why none of our FMs focus on the specific field craft techniques of Counter-Zombie Operations.



If anyone has noticed anything about the publications and material from the Zombie Combat Command, it’s that there really is no strong focus on actual survival techniques in the wild. This is, as we have mentioned before, because there are finer publications out there that cover this subject and rather than just cover it less comprehensively, we would much rather recommend the material itself.

The SAS Survival Handbook. For decades this book has been around in one form or another and out of all the “survival” handbooks we have come across, including those from our own military as well, none quite have it down as the SAS Survival Handbook. So excellent is this book that it is part of our kit as a field reference book. We also use it as a basis for many of our survival oriented training.

If you have not come across this book before, your Zombie doctrine is not complete.

If you choose to make this book a part of your Zombie Combat knowledge, please order by clicking on the link below. Every order helps support Zombie Combat Command. :)

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Help bring Marcus Luttrell’s savior to the US on a permanent basis

You might remember him from Lone Survivor. The Afghan man who risked his life to save Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. Right now he needs OUR help. According to reports, Marcus Luttrell promised to bring Mohammad Gulab (the man who saved him) to the US on a permanent basis but has since not gone ahead with his promise. Furthermore, it appears that Mr. Luttrell is not answering Mr. Gulab’s phone calls. PLEASE help. You can make a difference by signing the White House petition to bring him to the US on a permanent basis.

It’s crazy because when he had come for the Lone Survivor movie premier, most of us had thought that surely Mr. Gulab was here to stay. But it was not the case. After some time, he was sent back to Afghanistan.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

Don’t forget to spread the word.

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Zombie Combat Command – The Comic Volume 1

It’s happening NOW!
By supporting the Zombie Combat Command comic, you earn the right to wear the Zombie Tab. Also, limited slots for the Zombie Combat Battalions!

Go HERE to support this today!


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Other than food and water, hygiene is an essential part of force sustainment. Without hygiene, your team will succumb to the realities of disease. Disease is a key component of war. Throughout history, disease often affected planning, execution, and result of operations as much as the weather, terrain, and the enemy. When your team is operating without the massive logistical support the military normally provides, hygiene becomes something that every Zombie fighting team needs to deal with.


Dental Health

Not the least of this is dental health. Toothpaste is a key component of keeping healthy teeth. Flossing is rather easy. Using thread will do the trick. However, brushing becomes trickier due to the need for toothpaste.

There are some advantages of having ingredients stored separately for manufacture into toothpaste than just buying several toothpaste tubes. First, it becomes possible to have a very large supply. Also, when replenishing supplies, it is easier to bring back baking soda and salt from a supply run than it is to bring back toothpaste itself on the virtue of weight alone.

Here’s how to make the most essential kind of toothpaste:

- 2 Parts Baking Soda
- 1 Part Finely ground sea salt
- Water

1) Mix the 2 parts baking soda with 1 part finely ground sea salt.
2) While mixing, add just enough water to turn it into a paste with toothpaste consistency.
3) Keep mixing until the paste is even in content distribution.

Sometimes it is much easier to store lots of baking soda and salt instead of a massive supply of toothpaste. It can also be much cheaper that way as well. You can add in a variety of things such as peppermint flavor to make the toothpaste a bit more pleasant.


Iraqi Freedom

Your team is running low on a variety of supplies and need to hit strategic parts of town in order to procure supplies. Previous supply runs to abandoned grocery stores and the like have turned up empty. They have been looted almost perfectly. One of these items in need is that of toothpaste. Your team is able to gain access to an abandoned restaurant where you find ample supplies of baking soda and salt – two items that most people do not think of needing in large quantities. Some mint flavoring was also found. Being in a dehydrated state, your team is able to bring back a lot of them, providing your team and those depending on your team a large supply of toothpaste that will last several months.

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Zombie Combat Command store 15% Discount!

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20th Engineer Brigade

20th Engineer Brigade

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Many new things at the Gear/Gift shop!

Check it out!

Samsung Galaxy S5 - ACU Pat, Zombie Tab, Morse Code Reference

Samsung Galaxy S5 – ACU Pat, Zombie Tab, Morse Code Reference

1st Zombie BN Steel Coffee Mug

1st Zombie BN Steel Coffee Mug

Available HERE!

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Revamped Gift Shop

The Ft. Clement gift shop website has been updated! Check it out HERE!

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FM 999-6.3 Sample Short

As you may know by now, FM 999-6.3 is the premier Counter-Zombie Operations manual for civilians. Now a few pages have been made available for all. They are from the chapter regarding SERT (Situation Environment Resources Training).

All content is subject to change and updates.

Get it HERE!

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Outbreak Comic #9!

Some college kids in NYC try to fight the outbreak! Doesn’t go very well…


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Night Vision, IR, and Morse Code (Morse Code at Night)

Communicating by Morse code at night can be tricky. Even with precautions (as stated in the previous article), there are the risks of having your light signals detected. Furthermore, although it is obvious as to how the team in the field will communicate back to the main force, it is not obvious how the main force will send messages to the team in the field without alerting hostile forces or Zombies in the area as well.

In the diagram below, Bravo team is serving as a message relay team for the main force which is out of the line of sight of all hostile forces. Alpha is conducting reconnaissance of the river valley area.

White light at night

For teams that have night vision capability, which includes night-shot equipped camcorders, the night becomes a surprisingly good time to communicate. Although invisible to the naked eye, infra-red light is visible to night vision equipment. Better yet, no real special device is needed to send the IR signals. A TV remote control works just fine.

IR light at night

Although one can argue that if anyone is using night vision in the area, it can be picked up, there are still some advantages:
- It’s still much less likely than getting picked up by the enemy who most certainly has eyeballs.
- Zombies can’t see it no matter what.

Preset Communication Times

It’s important to set a preset communication time. This would be the agreed upon time in which the team and the main force check in with each other to exchange any updates. To prevent detection, it is essential that “top of the hour” times such as 2200, and 0300 and “bottom of the hour” times such as 2230, and 0330 be avoided. The odds of the enemy scanning through their own night vision equipment at these hours are exponentially higher than at any other times.

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