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Outbreak Comic #2

  Back in 2011, the Zombie Combat Command and Power Point Ranger did some collab work and as a result, PPR’s Snappy Cow got a shout out on the second page of the story driven comic.

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Turning a Life Around

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you should watch. It’s a video where a homeless Army Veteran is given a free makeover. Currently, the folks of Zombie Combat Command are helping some Veterans in some limited ways but the … Continue reading

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Outbreak Series #1

  Note: Zombie Combat Command originally had a story driven comic that has plans to be continued. Initially hand drawn and colored… enjoy. 🙂

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Air Force does away with PT Belts

It’s true. It’s no joke. The Air Force has done away with PT belts. Should the Army follow? Should Zombie Combat Command follow? Although reflective belts have some usefulness, it’s overuse has made it the lightning rod of jokes everywhere. … Continue reading

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Decision Making – Evaluating a Building to Secure

INTRODUCTION The Zombie apocalypse has begun. The outbreak has taken over the city. Your team has managed to overcome the first hurdle – getting the team together. It’s only been a few days, so some of the utilities are still … Continue reading

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Importance of Foot Mobility – The Deep South Traffic Jam

The news of the day in the Deep South is the massive traffic congestion that has occurred as a result of some very light snowfall. According to CNN, the snowfall was only three fingers deep, but yet it was enough … Continue reading

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Additional Word on Children in Counter-Zombie Operations

Many groups consider having children as a part of a combat team in Counter-Zombie Operations. Before you do, read this list from the Maria Montessori Facebook group and see which level they are operating at and see if you would … Continue reading

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Quick Assembly Field Ration (12 Hours)

BACKGROUND Field rations are a necessary part of Counter-Zombie Operations. Without them, the Zombie combat team’s ability to conduct sustained combat operations will be severely limited. For units that are a part of the United States Armed Forces or civilian … Continue reading

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Principles of Pack Weight Distribution

The realities of mobility for unmechanized and unmotorized rifle units is that everything that moves from point A to point B needs to be packed up and carried by the personnel making the trip. What goes in the bag depends … Continue reading

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FM 999-4 On

For those not yet acquainted well with Zombie Combat Command, don’t forget the most comprehensive Zombie Combat manual is available on Grab a copy of FM 999-4 today!

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