Battlefield 4: OMG

We’re a little behind the curve here because it’s taken us so long to actually write about it. But here we are, Saturday morning… too tired to give a damn except go online for some virtual team building. Naturally the choice is Battlefield 4. After all, Battlefield 3 was excellent.



Who can forget the moments of being trapped in a building along side the French riviera with a T-90 tank taking chunks out of it? The Support guy (the guy who’s writing this article) laying down the claymore and suppressive fire to kill all those attempting to storm the building while the Engineer frantically trying to take out the T-90 with a SMAW apparently loaded with NERF rounds. That was Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 4 has taken the awesome to a whole new level. To be truly effective, once again, teamwork is key. Any side with a functioning team is almost guaranteed to win. Although Battlefield 4 or any video game is not suitable for being a true Zombie combat training tool, the emphasis on teamwork has its merits.

Not to mention… base jumping off a crumbling building your fireteam worked so hard to hold, trying to get your squad to land on the same rooftop, all the while raining down hate and discontent on some sniper who thinks he’s in a safe spot… and then getting minigunned to death by an enemy helo.

If you don’t have Battlefield 4 by now, there is something wrong with you.


The Zombie Combat Command concludes that Battlefield 4 is the most awesome first person shooter that has ever been. The combination of unbelievable graphics, things blowing up endlessly, teamwork… did we mention the building blowing up and having to jump off etc.? Battlefield 4 earns the Zombie Combat Command stamp of approval.


This game definitely gives some value in teamwork and communication. But other than that, it’s a video game.

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