Importance of Foot Mobility – The Deep South Traffic Jam

The news of the day in the Deep South is the massive traffic congestion that has occurred as a result of some very light snowfall. According to CNN, the snowfall was only three fingers deep, but yet it was enough to cause a total blockage of major highways that have left people stranded for over 16 hours.

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This is a stark reminder that a little change from the ordinary can bring about some significant consequences. Granted, around the massive delays, businesses and people in the area have rallied around to help. From opening up stores to stranded commuters to offering food and water, the fact that everything off the roads were operating normally saved the day.

But what if the chaos was not limited to the roads themselves? Some people need to imagine, others just need to remember.


The most significant part of this news is the realization of just how fragile the road networks really are. In any kind of emergency that is out of the ordinary, road mobility is usually the first resource that becomes inaccessible. The reason for this is because when there is a danger, the most sensible thing to do is to maximize the distance between yourself and the source of the danger. The only problem is, everyone else has the same idea too.

This is the reason why the Zombie combat doctrine of the Zombie Combat Command heavily emphasizes foot mobility and battlefield nutrition. If distance needs to be made between you (and your team/group) and the source of the danger, and you do not live right up by the sea or own several horses, this will probably be the only means of leaving the area.

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