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Personnel in military units will not have to deal with a dilemma that civilian Zombie combat units have to deal with; which camouflage pattern to adopt. For many, they have opted to go with what the military has adopted, however this is not a good idea for two prime reasons:

1) What the military adopts is not always the best choice.
2) Most civilian units do not have a Department of Defense scale budget.

Previously the Zombie Combat Command made a commentary regarding “Tactical Black,” and the pitfalls of an all black uniform. An obvious solution to picking the right kind of camouflage is to pick a pattern that has worked and worked well for a very long time – Woodland. Obviously the US Woodland is a camouflage scheme that would be adopted by units and groups operating in areas with significant vegetation.


Courtesy: Wikipedia

Courtesy: Wikipedia

The US Woodland BDU featured the standard camouflage pattern used in all of the United States military branches for decades. Its reason for popularity was clear: it worked. Even in the photo above, it is evident that the uniform blends in with its background.

Before the digital camouflage craze that swept the world after the introduction of the MARPAT (which by the way is an excellent camouflage scheme), armed forces the world over adopted either the US Woodland or variations of the pattern as their standard camouflage pattern for their uniform and equipment.

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:


The US Woodland pattern is excellent for the following reasons:

1) It is an excellent camouflage for areas with dense vegetation.
2) It is cheap and plentiful. They are available everywhere and for a very low price. Your uniform is probably the last place you want to be spending a significant part of your Zombie defense budget on. This is especially true if your team consists of a lot of people. Even for members of your group who hold non-combat duties, at least two sets of camouflage uniforms are essential.
3) Gear for it is plentiful and also cheap. Again, like the uniform itself, there is a lot of woodland patterned gear available for very low prices and of high quality. For some of the newer equipment, getting something in Coyote Tan goes extremely well with woodland. It helps preserve the camouflage effectiveness and still looks very professional.
4) It has a professional look to it. Although this may not seem like a big deal, maintaining a professional appearance helps members of the team or group maintain their professionalism and instills a level of confidence between the members.


As far as the Zombie Combat Command’s trials show, there is only one real weakness for the US Woodland pattern.

1) Its effectiveness in areas without vegetation is poor.


The Zombie Combat Command highly recommends the US Woodland pattern as a standard camouflage scheme for a Zombie combat unit that operates in an area with dense vegetation. It really makes sense that a unit wears a uniform that is made up of colors similar to their operating environment. For units that are based in areas with dense vegetation, but also need to operate in different terrain, it is recommended that they adopt more than one kind of pattern.

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You can readily get woodland patterned gear and gear that goes with the US Woodland pattern on The LBVs and boots will definitely help your team save and focus resources on other things such as ammunition and even range time.


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