Georgia Braces for Severe Weather

The governor of Georgia has declared a state of emergency with the expected landfall of a weather front that will bring ice-rain and snow. Essential supplies have already been stripped in most supermarkets in Atlanta, and for anyone who is just starting to prepare for the worst, it is simply too late to ride it out comfortably, if the weather turns as bad as expected.

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This further highlights the need for preparedness. Zombie preparedness is not a futile exercise of pure fun and no actual, tangible benefit. The fact is the Zombie preparedness prepares you for just about every disaster imaginable. In other words, it is the ultimate in disaster preparation.

For those who argue that Zombies are not real, they need to know that hurricanes and earthquakes are. And when society shuts down, even for a few days, life can become very difficult. No access to roads, no supermarkets, no electricity, no running water… you need to be prepared for it all.

The upcoming manual, which is still designated FM 999-X for the time being, will address these issues in a more comprehensive way, departing from the pure combat aspect of FM 999-3 and FM 999-4.

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