Research Faster – The Spritz App

Knowledge is survival. Any serious professional warrior and experts in any trade can tell you, there is a lot of knowledge out there to take in and many of them are written in print (like FM 999-3 and FM 999-4).

The list of material to read for the Zombie fighter is long and expansive which include material regarding:

– Leadership
– Equipment
– Conducting training
– Strategy
– Tactics
– Logistics
– Nutrition



And that’s just to name a few.
For many, the prospect of reading so much is just too much. Time is a commodity and sometimes leaders and Soldiers alike skimp on the study.

However, there is an app coming out called Spritz which promises to help reading become much faster by moving the words for you. So instead of your eyes scanning the page to read the word, the word is positioned so that you read it far faster. Intriguing to say the least.

Zombie Combat Command will be keeping a close look out for the app.


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