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Since the dawn of time, fighting units with superior communications have swept past those who would have otherwise been equals on the battlefield. The same holds true to your Zombie combat team.

Take for example a four man team on a recon patrol. Without any communications tools, any new information the team gathers will not make it to the rest of the force until they have returned. Depending on the nature of the mission, this could be days. If the team is lost, so is the information.

Using radios is definitely the most favorable of all options. However, it is not the only option. The knowledge of Morse code provides medium ranged communications options when radios fail. Also, when employed correctly, they can be incredibly difficult to detect. Best of all, it takes no batteries to use during the day time and uses a negligible amount of battery at night.

The Morse Code

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Memorizing Morse code is desirable, but it is understandable that since it is not something one uses every day, it can be easily forgotten. Printing out the Morse code chart above, laminating it and keeping it with you at all times is essential.

Using Abbreviations and Acronyms

Because of the nature of the Morse code, the team will probably benefit most from having some kind of abbreviation or acronym system . Ensure that the team is clear on what acronyms are which and having a card with some “less obvious” ones can clear up a lot of potential for confusion.


Basically two different kinds of equipment are required, one for the daytime and one for night time.


During the daytime, a signalling mirror will do.

Night time:

At night, a powerful flashlight will have to be used. However, the flashlight alone will make too large of a visual signature unless an attachment is made.

morse code light

The best material for the attachment is a PVC pipe.
The outside should be painted in a subdued color for camouflage purposes.
The inside of the pipe needs to be painted in flat black. A chalkboard spray paint does this job very well. Prevents “light pollution” that gives away the team’s position.

Communications in the Field

Usually the team in the field (referred to Fireteam Alpha below) will not be operating within direct line of sight with the main base (referred to Firebase Alpha below). Even if it is, it is highly advisable to use a second team (Fireteam Bravo) operating out of an OP/LP to serve as a relay station. Refer to the diagram below:

Information flow

The advantage of using a relay team is twofold. First, it gives alpha team a great deal of flexibility in that they do not necessarily need to be in the line of sight of the main base, and second, it prevents the main base’s location from being compromised.


Even with the lowest level of technology, a sophisticated communications network can be achieved allowing the Zombie combat team unparalleled battlefield flexibility.


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