Other than food and water, hygiene is an essential part of force sustainment. Without hygiene, your team will succumb to the realities of disease. Disease is a key component of war. Throughout history, disease often affected planning, execution, and result of operations as much as the weather, terrain, and the enemy. When your team is operating without the massive logistical support the military normally provides, hygiene becomes something that every Zombie fighting team needs to deal with.


Dental Health

Not the least of this is dental health. Toothpaste is a key component of keeping healthy teeth. Flossing is rather easy. Using thread will do the trick. However, brushing becomes trickier due to the need for toothpaste.

There are some advantages of having ingredients stored separately for manufacture into toothpaste than just buying several toothpaste tubes. First, it becomes possible to have a very large supply. Also, when replenishing supplies, it is easier to bring back baking soda and salt from a supply run than it is to bring back toothpaste itself on the virtue of weight alone.

Here’s how to make the most essential kind of toothpaste:

– 2 Parts Baking Soda
– 1 Part Finely ground sea salt
– Water

1) Mix the 2 parts baking soda with 1 part finely ground sea salt.
2) While mixing, add just enough water to turn it into a paste with toothpaste consistency.
3) Keep mixing until the paste is even in content distribution.

Sometimes it is much easier to store lots of baking soda and salt instead of a massive supply of toothpaste. It can also be much cheaper that way as well. You can add in a variety of things such as peppermint flavor to make the toothpaste a bit more pleasant.


Iraqi Freedom

Your team is running low on a variety of supplies and need to hit strategic parts of town in order to procure supplies. Previous supply runs to abandoned grocery stores and the like have turned up empty. They have been looted almost perfectly. One of these items in need is that of toothpaste. Your team is able to gain access to an abandoned restaurant where you find ample supplies of baking soda and salt – two items that most people do not think of needing in large quantities. Some mint flavoring was also found. Being in a dehydrated state, your team is able to bring back a lot of them, providing your team and those depending on your team a large supply of toothpaste that will last several months.

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