Help bring Marcus Luttrell’s savior to the US on a permanent basis

You might remember him from Lone Survivor. The Afghan man who risked his life to save Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. Right now he needs OUR help. According to reports, Marcus Luttrell promised to bring Mohammad Gulab (the man who saved him) to the US on a permanent basis but has since not gone ahead with his promise. Furthermore, it appears that Mr. Luttrell is not answering Mr. Gulab’s phone calls. PLEASE help. You can make a difference by signing the White House petition to bring him to the US on a permanent basis.

It’s crazy because when he had come for the Lone Survivor movie premier, most of us had thought that surely Mr. Gulab was here to stay. But it was not the case. After some time, he was sent back to Afghanistan.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

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