The SAS Survival Handbook

The SAS Survival Handbook

Essentially the reason why none of our FMs focus on the specific field craft techniques of Counter-Zombie Operations.



If anyone has noticed anything about the publications and material from the Zombie Combat Command, it’s that there really is no strong focus on actual survival techniques in the wild. This is, as we have mentioned before, because there are finer publications out there that cover this subject and rather than just cover it less comprehensively, we would much rather recommend the material itself.

The SAS Survival Handbook. For decades this book has been around in one form or another and out of all the “survival” handbooks we have come across, including those from our own military as well, none quite have it down as the SAS Survival Handbook. So excellent is this book that it is part of our kit as a field reference book. We also use it as a basis for many of our survival oriented training.

If you have not come across this book before, your Zombie doctrine is not complete.

If you choose to make this book a part of your Zombie Combat knowledge, please order by clicking on the link below. Every order helps support Zombie Combat Command. 🙂

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