The Army Zombie Combat Command and the Army Zombie Combat School were established in 2010 as an answer to the growing fears of a Zombie infestation, commonly referred to as a Zombie apocalypse.

The Army has often received criticism for preparing to fight the last war and the Zombie Combat Command and the Zombie Combat School were established to break this multi-generational habit.

The Old Army

The Command and the School represent the new Army of forward thinking officers and enlisted men who work tirelessly to counter a threat that has yet to emerge.

The Zombies’ hopes of a successful campaign to exterminate the human species is fully dependent on its ability to hit the population with thunderclap surprise.  Both the Command and the School will provide the Army and its soldiers the ability to deny the enemy this advantage and defeat them in tomorrow’s battlefield.

– Commandant, United States Army Zombie Combat School

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zombie survival manual

10 Responses to Introduction

  1. Damon says:

    I AM a forward thinking officer and I AM loving this site!!

  2. when will this great school be opened to AF personnel?

  3. Sgt Easley says:

    Ha I love how its written all dry and boring like a real FM, great job gentlemen. Hooah.

  4. John Cheek says:

    Hooah! Love the school!

  5. Former 11M (Mechanised Infantry) HOOAH!! This is a great site!

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