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The Real Life Medical Tricorder is Here

For teams who realize that not having access to medical facilities for diagnosis or regular checkup during a Zombie outbreak, the solution is here. It’s the Scanadu Scout health monitor. Invented by Belgian Walter de Brouwer and operated out of … Continue reading

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The SAS Survival Handbook

The SAS Survival Handbook Essentially the reason why none of our FMs focus on the specific field craft techniques of Counter-Zombie Operations.   If anyone has noticed anything about the publications and material from the Zombie Combat Command, it’s that … Continue reading

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Other than food and water, hygiene is an essential part of force sustainment. Without hygiene, your team will succumb to the realities of disease. Disease is a key component of war. Throughout history, disease often affected planning, execution, and result … Continue reading

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FM 999-6.3 Sample Short

As you may know by now, FM 999-6.3 is the premier Counter-Zombie Operations manual for civilians. Now a few pages have been made available for all. They are from the chapter regarding SERT (Situation Environment Resources Training). All content is … Continue reading

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Night Vision, IR, and Morse Code (Morse Code at Night)

Communicating by Morse code at night can be tricky. Even with precautions (as stated in the previous article), there are the risks of having your light signals detected. Furthermore, although it is obvious as to how the team in the … Continue reading

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Communications – Morse Code

Since the dawn of time, fighting units with superior communications have swept past those who would have otherwise been equals on the battlefield. The same holds true to your Zombie combat team. Take for example a four man team on … Continue reading

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Owning the Night – Night Vision

UPDATE: A slight update to the previous post regarding solar power. We have now concluded that a source of solar power would boost combat capability by a factor of ten. Having a solar power source is not a “good to … Continue reading

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Research Faster – The Spritz App

Knowledge is survival. Any serious professional warrior and experts in any trade can tell you, there is a lot of knowledge out there to take in and many of them are written in print (like FM 999-3 and FM 999-4). … Continue reading

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Solar Power

Typical visions of a world overrun by Zombies (if at least temporarily) would include the loss of all utilities. Running water, electricity, telecommunications, and garbage disposal. However, the ability to keep electronic tools operational will provide your team the edge … Continue reading

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Zombie Combat Marksmanship Drills 1 & 2

Making your team thrive in a Zombie infested combat environment takes a gargantuan effort on all fronts. Logistics, finance, nutrition, medicine, engineering, and even agriculture, just to name a few. However, a team that is not successful in actual combat … Continue reading

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