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A Word About Underground Bunkers

Some of you may already be familiar with people who have underground bunkers like the ones featured on this show (Discovery Channel’s Doomsday Bunkers): For those of you who did watch, here’s some things they talk about: – Never tell … Continue reading

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Day Z – The online Zombie survival simulator

Based on the ARMA II engine, Day Z started as a mod and is now a standalone game. Starting with very little of anything your task is to gather supplies, weapons, and put together a strong point in which to … Continue reading

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FM 999-3 on

FM 999-3 Counter-Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level is available on Check out the finest Zombie combat manual ever written which fits in your cargo pocket for easy reference in the field. The vast majority of Zombie combat teams … Continue reading

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Battlefield 4: OMG

We’re a little behind the curve here because it’s taken us so long to actually write about it. But here we are, Saturday morning… too tired to give a damn except go online for some virtual team building. Naturally the … Continue reading

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