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Urban Survival – The Parking Ticket

It’s true. Life can be expensive. The more expensive life gets, the harder it is to allocate resources to things that really matter, such as preparing for the Zombie apocalypse!

For those who make a living in a dense urban environment, the parking ticket might be one of those things that needlessly eats into your Zombie defense budget. Luckily enough, there’s an app to help you fight it.

Needless to say this will not work if you park next to the swings in the middle of you local public park… or will it?

The name of the App is: FIXED.

Check it out HERE!

NOOO!!!! (Image Courtesy: parkitnyc.com)

NOOO!!!! (Image Courtesy: parkitnyc.com)

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A Word About Underground Bunkers

Some of you may already be familiar with people who have underground bunkers like the ones featured on this show (Discovery Channel’s Doomsday Bunkers):

For those of you who did watch, here’s some things they talk about:

– Never tell anyone where your bunker is.
– Make it in a place where it is safe.

There’s only more than a few problems with their approach.

1) Your bunker will never remain a secret. This has been confirmed true by the man in Florida who had his generator stolen in one of the episodes. To move the supplies and equipment required to build or install an underground bunker, you will open up access roads etc. Your “secret” underground bunker will be ransacked before anything close to an “end of the world” scenario begins to happen. Your bunker is one drunken night away from being public knowledge. Before you know it, every kid in your kid’s school will know about it.

2) If the bunker is safe from everyone else (i.e. far away), it is also safe from you. Yes, safe from you, not for you. In any given disaster, you need to realize that the first thing that ever happens is that the roads will get jammed up. This is especially true when the event affects the entire country and is not just a locally affecting disaster. You need to have that bunker near you, and you need to be near that bunker. If the place you reside in is not safe territory, it is time to rethink the location of your residence.

Other flaws in the designs include but are not limited to:

1) Lack of situational awareness. There is a distinct lack of periscopes or other tools that help with telling what is going on around the bunker without actually opening it up.

2) Lack of a tunnel network. Your underground bunker needs a tunnel network or else if the situation does not go as desired, it becomes a death trap.

3) A 6 month’s supply is not enough. You need to be able to live off the land (mostly by farming and raising animals) or you’re just delaying death.

4) Some tools are woefully inadequate. Like the NBC filter which was featured on one of the episodes. That might fly for an armored vehicle operating for a few hours before moving to an uncontaminated area, but for a bunker that will stay in the same place for months on end, the small filter is not likely to last 24 hours.

5) A bunker made of nothing but steel is vulnerable. All it takes is a few people with shovels to dig, then pour gasoline and firewood and light it up. Then everyone in the bunker will either have to bake to death or open the hatch and eat lead.


Some things to keep note of:
1) People will know your plans and capabilities.
2) Your bunker is highly unlikely to ever see action in the way you intended it.
3) The bunker is not the protection. Use terrain and distance for protection.
4) The guys who made the show don’t know what they’re talking about.

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Outbreak Comic #7


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Outbreak Comic #6


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Snow Storm Blankets Atlanta

The snow storm that was forecast to fall on the South has done exactly that. As a result over a hundred thousand people are without power and the roads are void of traffic. For those who are not affected by the storm, it is a good time to evaluate whether or not the supplies on hand right now would be good enough to survive on for a week.

(Image Courtesy: CNN.com)

(Image Courtesy: CNN.com)

A quick checklist should include:

– Food
– Water
– Light
– Source of heat/warmth
– Waste disposal (including human waste)
– Medicine/First Aid

Read more about the snow storm HERE.

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Georgia Braces for Severe Weather

The governor of Georgia has declared a state of emergency with the expected landfall of a weather front that will bring ice-rain and snow. Essential supplies have already been stripped in most supermarkets in Atlanta, and for anyone who is just starting to prepare for the worst, it is simply too late to ride it out comfortably, if the weather turns as bad as expected.

(Image Courtesy: article.wn.com)

(Image Courtesy: article.wn.com)

This further highlights the need for preparedness. Zombie preparedness is not a futile exercise of pure fun and no actual, tangible benefit. The fact is the Zombie preparedness prepares you for just about every disaster imaginable. In other words, it is the ultimate in disaster preparation.

For those who argue that Zombies are not real, they need to know that hurricanes and earthquakes are. And when society shuts down, even for a few days, life can become very difficult. No access to roads, no supermarkets, no electricity, no running water… you need to be prepared for it all.

The upcoming manual, which is still designated FM 999-X for the time being, will address these issues in a more comprehensive way, departing from the pure combat aspect of FM 999-3 and FM 999-4.

For more details visit HERE.

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Day Z – The online Zombie survival simulator

Based on the ARMA II engine, Day Z started as a mod and is now a standalone game. Starting with very little of anything your task is to gather supplies, weapons, and put together a strong point in which to sustain yourself, all the while fighting off Zombies and of course, other rival survivors.

Zombie Combat Command has not been able to evaluate Day Z, but it certainly does look great.

Either get the standalone or get ARMA II and download the Day Z Mod HERE.

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Work on Zombie Combat Command City continues

Street View 3

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Camouflage – Woodland


Personnel in military units will not have to deal with a dilemma that civilian Zombie combat units have to deal with; which camouflage pattern to adopt. For many, they have opted to go with what the military has adopted, however this is not a good idea for two prime reasons:

1) What the military adopts is not always the best choice.
2) Most civilian units do not have a Department of Defense scale budget.

Previously the Zombie Combat Command made a commentary regarding “Tactical Black,” and the pitfalls of an all black uniform. An obvious solution to picking the right kind of camouflage is to pick a pattern that has worked and worked well for a very long time – Woodland. Obviously the US Woodland is a camouflage scheme that would be adopted by units and groups operating in areas with significant vegetation.


Courtesy: Wikipedia

Courtesy: Wikipedia

The US Woodland BDU featured the standard camouflage pattern used in all of the United States military branches for decades. Its reason for popularity was clear: it worked. Even in the photo above, it is evident that the uniform blends in with its background.

Before the digital camouflage craze that swept the world after the introduction of the MARPAT (which by the way is an excellent camouflage scheme), armed forces the world over adopted either the US Woodland or variations of the pattern as their standard camouflage pattern for their uniform and equipment.

Image Courtesy: Realog.net

Image Courtesy: Realog.net


The US Woodland pattern is excellent for the following reasons:

1) It is an excellent camouflage for areas with dense vegetation.
2) It is cheap and plentiful. They are available everywhere and for a very low price. Your uniform is probably the last place you want to be spending a significant part of your Zombie defense budget on. This is especially true if your team consists of a lot of people. Even for members of your group who hold non-combat duties, at least two sets of camouflage uniforms are essential.
3) Gear for it is plentiful and also cheap. Again, like the uniform itself, there is a lot of woodland patterned gear available for very low prices and of high quality. For some of the newer equipment, getting something in Coyote Tan goes extremely well with woodland. It helps preserve the camouflage effectiveness and still looks very professional.
4) It has a professional look to it. Although this may not seem like a big deal, maintaining a professional appearance helps members of the team or group maintain their professionalism and instills a level of confidence between the members.


As far as the Zombie Combat Command’s trials show, there is only one real weakness for the US Woodland pattern.

1) Its effectiveness in areas without vegetation is poor.


The Zombie Combat Command highly recommends the US Woodland pattern as a standard camouflage scheme for a Zombie combat unit that operates in an area with dense vegetation. It really makes sense that a unit wears a uniform that is made up of colors similar to their operating environment. For units that are based in areas with dense vegetation, but also need to operate in different terrain, it is recommended that they adopt more than one kind of pattern.

For a review of the tactical black article, click HERE.

You can readily get woodland patterned gear and gear that goes with the US Woodland pattern on Amazon.com. The LBVs and boots will definitely help your team save and focus resources on other things such as ammunition and even range time.


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