Essentially the difference between fluid motions in the field and looking like a complete soup sandwich, everyone has their own preferences. Pick what works for you without tearing a hole through your budget.

Enhanced Tactical Load Bearing Vest

Tried and true, and used. For $15 each, these load bearing vests do not get in the way of any body armor and provides quick access to your field essentials.

US Army Tactical Assault Vest

Another great value for a load bearing vest. For those who prefer to have a Molle system going, this is the vest of choice. Put your Zombie killing gear in an order that works for you.

Condor Modular Chest Rig

Typically the sort of set up many of us prefer. At $45 it’s pretty much a steal.

Condor Molle Plate Carrier

Typically the preferred option in the field, these vests have compartments for front and back SAPI plates.