Zombie Tabs

By ordering a Zombie tab, you are supporting the operations of Zombie Combat Command which include the creation of new material and other things that are inherently cool. Order yours and you will receive free PDF copies of FM 999-3 and FM 999-4. Be sure to read them and train accordingly to live up to your Zombie tab-rocking Zombie kill suit.

Zombie Tab – $5.99 each (includes shipping and handling in the US and for APO/FPO addresses).
Available in: ACU, Multicam, and Full Color.

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What you are supporting:

Currently by ordering Zombie tabs, you are supporting the creation of FM 999-6.3 Counter-Zombie Operations: Civilian Zombie Combat Teams.

Also the long term goal of the creation of an actual Ft. Clement. It’s not just a training center, it’s also planned to be a place where Veterans who are struggling in life can come to kickstart their civilian lives again. Also, it will be a place where future servicemen will come to train and learn. In a nutshell, the best place on this entire damned planet.

ISAF Zombie Tab